Well made 101 screens is ready to increase your next prototype creating to couple times. Just drag & drop needed screens to your prototype, add links for basic interaction, generate and that is it. Spend your time on ideas not on prototyping and claim new results.

Free Google Font

For this Axure Widget Library we used only free fonts by Google, which will allow you to make your next app prototype even more elegant. You will find all the links and instructions inside product pack.

Fully customizable

Each screen, widget and element is made by basic Axure tools. So you will not find cropped pictures or unusable groups inside this Widget Library. You can easily change all elements and fully customize them according to your needs.

Unique screens

This is our newest Axure Widget Library and it contains huge number of unique screens, which weren’t used before. For example screens for Food & Drink, Books, Media and much more. Check them all in the Demo below.

Works with Axure RP 7 & 8
Screens 101
Screen resolution 320x568
Last update 4 Mar 2017