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  • I’m using this to build a higher fidelity prototype that will be used for relatively larger scale user testing and I’m happy to say it’s working as prescribed. The mobile gestures work very well. Huge time saver

  • Working with UX/UI for long but new to Axure. Really love this library, which led me to create a Paypal for shopping this. I shot a bundle actually. Really Nice work, and wish to see more updates!

  • Easily one of the best Axure libraries i’ve used. Highly recommended.

  • Well made, I recommend this for everyone who wants to improve their mobile app prototypes.

  • I’ve been looking for a library like this for a long time. Very useful screens!

  • I highly recommend this product. I made my first prototype today 🙂

  • Awesome offer, using it at all projects!
    Thanks, Kate!

  • Thanks a lot! I made my first Apple Watch app and it was so easy.

Live Demo

You can see every widget in the live demo. Why should you have to pay for beautiful screens? Axure is a prototyping tool! Make sure to test the dynamics before you buy the widget library

Easy to customize

Every widget is designed cleanly, so you can easily change them. You could make your next app two or three times faster with these widgets


You can test a live prototype with your customers, allowing you to make them client happier

Axure RP 7&8

Our products perfect fits to both last versions of Axure, so you can not worry about compatibility

Hello, friends. My name is Kate.

I`m from Poland and live in Wroclaw. I like to spend time with my friends, traveling, painting, snowboarding. I love my work, and Axure. I have been using it for more than 3 years, and I really love this tool. It can help me to create something new. I think it is really important for every human, create something new.